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HT and LT panels are electrical distribution panels used in power systems to control and distribute electrical power at different voltage levels.

HT Panel (High Tension Panel):

The HT panel, also known as the high tension panel, is used for controlling and distributing high-voltage power in an electrical system. It typically operates at voltages above 1 kV (kilovolt) and is designed to handle large amounts of power. HT panels are commonly found in industrial settings, power plants, substations, and large commercial buildings.

Functions of HT Panels:

Receiving power from the main power source or grid at high voltage

. Isolating and protecting the main power supply from faults and overloads

. Distributing power to different sections or feeders within the electrical system

. Monitoring and controlling various parameters such as voltage, current, power factor, etc

. Providing protection features like circuit breakers, relays, and other protective devices.

The available indicators for over and under voltage is a crucial feature. High performance and efficiency of the device is essential to the stabilizing. Running operations smoothly in every work place requires smooth running of the appliance supplying the current load.Providing the best for each type of industry needs, ABP’s Servo Stabilizer Suppliers in Delhi has been becoming a prime choice for all.

The quality standards are maintained as per the Bureau of Indian Standards compliance. Conformation to these standards is important not just for abiding the government electrical items rules but also to grow and maintain our rapport. Thus, we manufacture the device that stabilizes the load and provides necessary output to avoid any overload.

LT Panel (Low Tension Panel):

The LT panel, also known as the low tension panel or distribution panel, is used for controlling and distributing low-voltage power within a building or facility. It operates at voltages below 1 kV (kilovolt) and is commonly found in residential, commercial, and small-scale industrial applications.

Functions of LT Panels:

. Receiving power from the HT panel or transformer at a lower voltage.

. Distributing power to different loads, circuits, or equipment within a building.

. Protecting electrical circuits from overloads, short circuits, and other electrical faults.

. Housing various control devices such as circuit breakers, switches, meters, and indicators.

. Providing electrical isolation and control for maintenance and safety purposes.

Both HT and LT panels play crucial roles in the safe and efficient distribution of electrical power, ensuring that power is delivered to various electrical loads in a controlled and protected manner. The specific design, components, and features of these panels may vary depending on the application, power requirements, and local regulations.